About us

A little about us

We are a family like any other I have a friend Veronika Přemek our two beloved children Klaudinka and Damian, and of course our girls eared Andrejka and FIBA.

Dogs are devoted to childhood and try to lead our children.

Andrejka I was brought in December 2013 by then I had a female hybrid home Bernacki Lenny was super amazing smart and simply our madam.Ukázala hounds me what they are and why this breed I’ve ever propadla.bohužel us after an illness at the age of 6 years of leaving.


After that came our FIBA ​​(Alisha from vančáku) was a 2014 love at first sight, those eyes were irresistible.

With our girls I exercise regularly have the exam of obedience, and I to them appropriately hrdá.z 90% go on leave and who really says that nedaj trained hounds who knows of what he speaks.

Snam live as members of a family who loved me especially our small Klaudinka was never a hint of aggression are always ready to play and caress consistently replicate our order and has never been the slightest problem with zničenýma stuff or útěkama.možná I’m lucky to nature but I firmly believe that it is mainly on education.

Unfortunately, the girls do not pay for hunting but do not have the possibility Swiss hounds are taken as a companion dog and I can confirm that the company truly love, and if polevíte to say goodbye to the couch that occupies lightning speed.

If you are interested, or questions like advise and answer’m not saying that I’m an expert but I hounds got under your skin and know how to treat them.