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Lovely puppy

These two beauties are still waiting for their owners. More http://bernsky-honic-bencilla.cz/cz/

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Fiba National show Ostrava V1, CAC

Fiba National show Ostrava V1, CAC, National Winner BOS


Apu at the right owners still pending…


5 weeks…

The puppies are 5 weeks old and starting to show who rules the pack :) when nespinkají so pleased as hell, nibble your ear, it arrives at tails and show that they are the strongest. Guard is already puts much effort. Every day we are going to look outside even when the weather does not want us much yet but at home it’s tired. Slowly the rozkoukávají and increasingly move away to explore the landscape gardens. My mom and aunt over them holding a protection pack so I have one worry less. All beautifully papaya and grow before our eyes mainly Thus ears. This week was full of customers, and only two boys waiting for their masters, I hope so good as the other babies :)
I write it again and again, repeating no harm. If you are interested to see how the puppies grow, they look like and where they live, we welcome you. Should you be interested in the breed but do not have enough information, do not hesitate to ask about anything since I am here to tell you everything you said, and met with our puppies.

4 weeks…

And again it is a week away and our puppies are four weeks. She goes off to explore the crate and awfully like it, yet I have such a large family and perfectly distributed monitoring. I have to commend them too. Beautifully pee on the mat and so is less to worry about, although here there is an accident happens, but we do not mind, before they disperse to new owners, we perfect everything. Getting started supplementary feeding four times a day puppies have big appetites and mother Ana that has been full of teeth and literally needles because babies can pretty hurt. We also have the first visit, which make us happy, puppies, and I also think that while we have the right owners and others looking forward to. He was beginning to profile the character and for me it is a great experience Arčík it is a dog who is not afraid to go into everything head first, Apu’s our little box all asleep, Astrid then called the princess a meal sitting as the lady goes to the bathroom while the others do not look, Arwen little darling everywhere especially for the first caress, Aladar gentleman and a nice guy, but he Armani slams him everywhere, waiting for what will happen as the awful and clutters, April is still okay not otherwise describe. Arnold that you can wrap around your finger all – today it proved new homes.
We look forward to seeing you every visit welcome 10 tails vibrating

New photos

Gallery with new photos of our puppies found here.

First eating of

Third week

It went like water and our puppies celebrated the third week in the world.
All beautifully thrive and is already in the crate live. They begin on the first sibling fights and we at the little urchins can not stop looking. The weight of all the moving average around 1,500 gr. Held its first deworming further trimming nails and gradually adding coated granules with meat and that they like even after the first meal there was more than alongside them. Increasingly clamoring of milk from mothers over it’s nothing and mother Ana is still caring for the patient and which has my admiration.
Conducted next photo shoot, for which many thanks to our sweetest aunt Lyde who really knows. Photos in the gallery. Some already have their owners and others anxiously waiting for theirs …. visitors are welcome and cuddle the puppies surely appreciate. For now it’s enough from us and if you want anything about our puppies are interested, feel free to ask us … ..